Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Not Just the Flu that's Swine

It looks like the state of Massachusetts will be the first to pass a law that will force residents to get the H1N1 vaccination, otherwise known as the Swine Flu shot. Governor Deval Patrick said he will sign the bill that gives police the power to enter homes without warrant and forcibly vaccinate or quarantine those who refuse the injection. Adults would be quarantined, and could face up to six months jail time if they refuse. Children would be removed from the home and vaccinated even if it is against their parents wishes.

This is unbelievable! What happened to a person's right to refuse medical treatment? What happened to a person's right to preserve their own body?

Enacting this type of law is engaging in just the type of panic that we've been told to avoid when it comes to Swine Flu, or any other disease. We've all heard the warnings. We've all been taught the most effective procedures for preventing any kind of flu. Measures like washing our hands, covering our mouths when we cough, they're no different for the Swine Flu. But now, one state plans to enact Marshall Law destroying the rights of it's citizens? First, it's Massachusetts, then as the outbreak widens, it's likely that other states will follow suit.

So what happens if the government does begin to force the injections on people? Back in 1976 dozens of people died in the Swine Flu vaccination program, and they died from the shot not the flu. What about people like myself who have chronic illnesses and who have to be very careful when taking new medications? Will the police believe me if I try to stop them from injecting me? Who will protect me if I'm thrown in jail exposed to others who may or may not have the disease? If I'm quarantined will the government force my employer to pay me for lost time from work? If police are allowed to inject citizens, who will be responsible if their lack of medical training causes an injection site reaction? While I'm speaking in the hypothetical, these questions and hundreds of others have to be addressed before Massachusetts or any state begins to force drugs on people who may or may not be able to take them.

If Governor Patrick goes through with this program, I believe there will be a civil revolt and the state will have problems far greater than the Swine Flu. Our ancestors died to preserve the personal freedoms that this law will take away, and Swine Flu or not, I'm sure many will once again be willing to die to preserve those freedoms.

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