Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Drugs - Bad Doctors

For those of you who know me, you know that my conservative nature tends to treat the idea of more government control like the plague. But to show my more liberal friends that I am always ready to be open minded, I have finally found an issue that I think needs some intervention. Namely, prescription drugs and unethical doctors.

Like many, I've been riveted to the continuing coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. Perhaps, because "Thriller" and "Bad" were huge albums about the time I was busy shaking my groove thing at Cincinnati dance clubs. Perhaps, because the Jackson's were truly the fulfillment of the American dream. Perhaps, because I'm still guilty of singing "I'll be there" when I bathe.

Whatever the reason I do know that I've always been a huge Jackson fan, and I still request "Smooth Criminal" when I play Upside Down trivia on Thursday nights.

The idea that Michael Jackson died from prescription medicines that were illegally given to him by unethical doctors saddens me, and it's not the first time it's happened. First we had Elvis, then Anna Nicole, and now Michael. I do think that as new health care laws are put into place there should be some kind of crack down on doctors who abuse celebrities addictions for their own monetary gain. I know it's hard when aliases, and back alley purchasing are involved, but this is not only a problem in the world of celebrity, but in everyday life. Statistics show that prescription drug abuse is the "new" cocaine problem in America, and it's frightening to think that the bizarre abuse of drugs like "Diprovan" could possibly become more prevalent for those looking for the "big buzz."

We've all seen fans of famous people, as well as the celebrities themselves do strange things in the name of hero worship. Chris Farley wanted to go like John Belushi. Anna Nicole compared herself to Marilyn Monroe and forecast her own death to be carried out in the same way. Even Michael asked former wife Lisa Marie Presley to detail her dad's death because he fanatasized about going like the "King."

With all of the talk about more control over what we eat, what we smoke, and where and when we can do it, I hope that the "experts" tackle prescription drug abuse, and crack down on the doctors who care more about lining their own pockets, than about a person's long term care.

Rest in peace Michael --I'm afraid your death will be declared totally "Bad." Hopefully, on this issue the government will "Be there" for you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Better Day A Better Life

That's the title of a great new book I'm reading from author Kelly L. Wilson. I'll do a full review when I'm finished, but it's a great Christian perspective on how to thrive in today's tough world, by taking things one day at a time.

If any Christian author has a book (s) they'd like reviewed just drop me a line. I am on facebook and twitter. (facebook address)\teri.horsley (you do need the . as there are more than one of us) and\terihorsley. I look forward to reading some great literary works by my fellow authors.

As for my book, Chapter 6 continues to move along. My main character Tommie (female) is now confronting the issues that caused her to "sour" on her faith. It's been a tough struggle for Tommie especially since her dad is a minister. I hope when the book is out the Biblical tie in will inspire anyone who has had a few struggles of their own! I'll keep you posted.


Monday, July 27, 2009

America! America! Where for art thou America?

The prognosis is in---Freedom in America is dying. The concept of freedom of speech is becoming as much of a thing of the past as the pet rock, and the cabbage patch kid. Sadly, most of us aren't doing anything about it, preferring instead to stay bogged down in our own realities while ignoring the truth.


A recent meeting in Baton Rouge, LA sponsored by a pro-reform group focused on the passage of President Obama's healthcare package. As speakers began to tout the benefits of such a plan, a small group of people gathered on the sidewalk outside, talking calmly amongst themselves about their beliefs that the plan would lead to rationing, and would be catastrophic for small businesses who would be forced to pay for employee insurance they couldn't afford. Also present were those on the side of the president's reform package, and they too were engaging in the conversation.

Calm, simple discussion. Seems harmless right? Apparently not. Before the conversation came to an end, the police were summoned to tell those who were speaking against the plan to leave or they would be arrested! There was no violence just a few people discussing the plan amongst themselves, and the next thing they knew they were being threatened with arrest! They were approached because their opinion differed from that of the pro-reform group which was backed by the government!

On the Christian Front:

A few weeks ago, an annual Fourth of July tribute(in Idaho) to the military became the focus for national debate when the Pentagon decided to cancel a military fly-over because the event was sponsored by a Christian group. The government response was that no religion could be singled out, and by allowing the military to participate, they feared it would suggest that Christianity was somehow being favored. For 43 years, this flyover had taken place, and there had never been any attempt by the group to convert anyone,and no one had ever complained about the military's involvement. It has always been nothing more than one group's attempt to honor our soldiers. Now all of a sudden it's a problem, and the Christian group's mission was shut down, and the planes were grounded.

Even the pastors of our churches have been put on notice that their sermons could be construed as hateful speech if the topics of a gay marriage ban, or pro-life stance is discussed. Your Sunday morning message is at risk, and if the government moves forward, all "sensitive" discussion will be stopped in the name of "equality for all." (except of course for those who have a different point of view)

I could go on , but the bottom line is that as Christians and Americans we'd better wake up . If we can't defend our point of view and engage in the freedom of speech that was guaranteed to us by the Constitution, what kind of rights will we have left? I believe it's almost Biblical. How easy would it be to control a nation, when the rights of the people have been taken away? There's a lot of speech that I too find reprehensible, but I will always defend a person's right to say it. I demand (and you should as well) that the same right be extended to me.

Know, that I'm by no means being a hysteric, just a realist. If we as a people don't start reclaiming America, and the freedoms it has always offered I'm afraid that the old Bobby McGee lyric in Janis Joplin's song will turn out to be strangely prophetic. Do we really want "Freedom to be just another word for nothing left to lose?"


Friday, July 24, 2009

In Remembrance

I wanted to offer my deepest sympathies to the family of Jerry Hoffman of

His sudden passing saddens me, and I'm sure he's in glory being rewarded for his efforts to maintain this site. God Bless you Jerry. I wish we could have met.


Thank You Naked Cowboy!

TGIF! I thought I'd take a break from news today, since it's almost the weekend. Instead, I want to take a moment to thank The Naked Cowboy for giving me the idea for my new blog name. (Yes, Christians can be a bit off the wall too!)

My original blog was named- commen"teri", but the cutsy spelling kept me off the Google list of links. So, I was thinking and thinking, and thinking some more and then as luck would have it--- The Naked Cowboy announced he was running for mayor of NYC so.......The Naked Cowboy----The Christian Commentator! It makes sense to me, (which probably means it's a good thing that it's Friday!

I'm working on the book this weekend so I'll update you on that Monday, and will get back to commentating on issues like how bizarre it is that we can let a terrorist group hold a convention in Chicago, but we can't allow a military flyover (on July 4) because an event is sponsored by Christians! I think this is why The Naked Cowboy works today. It's a mad, mad world, so it seems that in some bizarre way he probably should run for mayor of New York.

In any event, to leave you with something positive, check out
Great inspirational poetry if that's your thing. Click on "H" and you might even find some posts from me!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh Superman Where Are You Now........?

I love that line from Phil Collins' "Land of Illusion." I heard the song today on the radio (and believe it or not good ol' free radio) and I was struck by it's current relevance in today's political climate. No matter if you're Democrat or Republican, the whole proposed national healthcare reform is at the very least puzzling and for many, downright SCARY!!! No one seems to know the answers, but don't we deserve them? Write your congressman and senators, and demand that they get the answers before voting. It boggles my mind that any elected official can vote on a piece of legislation before actually reading the bill. But I'm not naive... power, wealth, presitige, these things seem to rate higher for many of our politicians who seem to somehow forget that they work for us. BTW---the song line ends....."Where things have gone wrong somehow....." Let's hope "gone wrong" doesn't eventually mean healthcare rationing, denial of claims, and denial of care for the elderly.

Speaking of great songs--another favorite of mine is "God Bless the Broken Road," by Rascal Flats.

When I heard it today it dawned on me that the song is basically about redemption, which strangely enough is the central theme of a Christian Fiction book I'm writing. My central character Tommie has been down a "broken road" of her own, and it's my goal that when I have written the last line that Tommie too, will ask God to bless her broken road, just as I have. If everything goes on schedule the book will be available next year. I'll keep you posted..........


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crazy Dogs and Happy Pills

My dog is crazy. I recently discovered an open sore on his rear leg and rushed him to the vet thinking some horrible injury had befallen him. Well, he was injured, but it turns out that he had gotten bored with life (according to the vet) and had begun gnawing on himself. The condition is known as Acral Lick Dermatitis, and the cure is anti-anxiety medication. Ben, (my dog) is better now, thanks to the medication which I call his "happy pills." (He also loves the extra attention he's getting from everyone)

I bring this up because in the past 24 hours, I've thought seriously about joining Ben and enjoying a couple of "happy pills" of my own. I'm shocked (although I shouldn't be) at the bizarre news accounts about the world's true"crazy dogs" and just how low they've gotten.

Case in point:

A Waverly Ohio teen and two adults were arrested in a mobile home after allowing rats to chew off the toes of the teen's six week old baby girl. By the time the cops got there, the girl's toes were mostly gone and one can only imagine the pain that child endured. Prison isn't good enough for these "evil" dogs. I can't help but hope that the Biblical concept of an "eye for an eye" or in this case a "rat for a rat" is used when implementing their punishment.

Fox News reports that in New Jersey ( and this is so ludicrous that it actually cracks me up!) lawmakers are struggling with a curfew law that prohibts teens under 18 from being out past 11:30. The struggle is not about the curfew, but the fact that the same state law allows girls as young as sixteen to strip in nightclubs as long as they're home by 11:30 p.m. So Jersey Girls take heed: " It's ok to take your clothes off in public, just do it at a decent hour. After all, you've got high school in the morning!" And to think, I spent my teen years working fast food for $4 an hour plus tips, all without a "G" string and pasties.

Finally, "the crazy dog" pervert award for the week goes to the scumbag (and I'm being kind) that used a hotel peep hole to take nude photos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews for posting on the internet. I can't wait until she finds out who did this. I think the best way for her to repay her video voyeur is by offering up a few nude photos of him or her without "their Calvins ." I hear the billboards in Time Square rent cheap now that the economy is down.

Thinking about these stories once again, makes me think that instead of medicating myself it's better for me to pray for a society that has become so depraved, and as hard as it might be,to pray for those who've done these awful things. I think I'll leave the "Happy Pills" for Ben, and while I know vengeance belongs to God, there's still a part of me that hopes the happy pills given to these crazy dogs, are laced with just a hint of cyanide.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Welcome to my blog. The Christian Commentator is my point of view on topics making headlines across America. I strongly believe that as Christians we must move beyond our individual denominations and unite to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. With the political turn our world is taking I believe it's time for us as one church to speak out and defend the principles that our faith (and this country) were founded on.

It frightens me when I hear our nation's leaders say that this is no longer a Christian country. I find it sad that in a world where "anything goes" and where free speech has often crossed the boundries of good taste, the Christian point of view is being squelched out in the name of political correctness. As long as this remains a free country we as Christians do have the right to defend our point of view. In fact, we are called to defend the name of Jesus Christ.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts, and I invite you as Christians to share your own. If you are not a Christian there are plenty of great websites that will point you in the right direction, just key in "How to become a Christian" and people more qualified than I can point you to where you need to be. Even if you are not a Christian you are welcome on my blog.

Some of my personal favorite ministers are Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore.
I hope to hear who some of yours are, and your thoughts about the events of the day.

Until next time.......