Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Time To Be Presidential

The Iranian government test fired two long range nuclear missles over the weekend and word is they plan to test another today. The country's leaders say the missles have the capability to reach Israel and US military bases in the region, causing even more tension between Iran and the West. President Obama is now threatening stiff sanctions, and plans to demand full access to Iranian nuclear facilities at a meeeting he'll attend in Geneva on Thursday. The meeting will include the first direct negotiations between the U.S. and Iran in 30 years, but is it too little too late?

Senator Kit Bond of Missouri, seems to think so. Speaking on Fox News, he said this is another example of why diplomacy doesn't work with terrorists like Iranian leader Ahmadinejad. Bond, the Vice-Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee also pointed out that the president made a huge mistake recently when he gave in to Russian demands to drop plans for a U.S. missle defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. Bond said that by giving them more than he got in return, Obama has left the U.S. without much hope of getting nations like Russia to join us in the economic sanctions against Iran, that he is calling for.

Meanwhile in other news, U.S. General Stanley McChrystal appeared on 60 Minutes last night, and said the situation in Afghanistan is worse than he first thought in light of the geographic spread of the violence there. McChrystal said more troops are needed for the U.S. to complete a successful mission in the region and he said that without the troops we are sure to fail which would mean an even stronger position for the Taliban and Al Queada. The most shocking admission from the General came when he said that he's only been asked to meet with President Obama once in the past 70 days in spite of the president's public reluctance to send in the additional troops he's requested.

Ok, so a rogue nation like Iran continues to snub its nose at the U.S. and our own General in Afghanistan is calling for more troops or he says failure is imminent there. The president responds, by planning to sit down with the Iranian leaders because of his continued flawed belief that negotiations will work, yet he is leaning toward saying no to more troops in Afghanistan ignoring the advice of our top military leader in the area, a man he has only met with once in over two months. Now, in one final bad decision, the president has announced that he will go to Copenhagen on Friday, in the middle of all of this, to try and secure Chicago as the site for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

WHAT? It's about priorities sir, and one might believe that yours need to be re-evaluated. Is it wise to spend your time attending a meeting on something as superfluous as whether or not we host the Olympics in seven years? I think not. You were hired to be the Commander in Chief of this country which means our national security, not your personal public relations efforts, should be at the top of that priority list. We've seen you cracking jokes on Letterman, we've seen the razzle dazzle of your personality that you display at press conferences, yet we don't see or hear from you when you're needed most. You are not auditioning for the job sir, you've got it, so it's time to put the public relations efforts aside and start acting like you belong in the most powerful position in the world. Even those of us who didn't vote for you respect your gift of gab, but we need and in fact, we demand much more. You are responsible for my safety, the safety of my family and the millions of citizens like me who have trusted you to keep us safe. It is your duty to uphold that responsibility, so please, for the sake of all of us, straighten up and be worthy of the position you have.

It's sad that you won't listen to the majority of those who put you in office when it comes to questions about healthcare reform and the economy, but it is unconscionable that you refuse to listen to your top advisors on how to proceed in matters of national security.

Wake up Mr. President! It's time to start acting like you're capable of fufilling the position you've been elected to hold.


  1. Well said!!!!The American people should demand accountability from this President now. Later may be too late!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for reading, and I couldn't agree more.
    If the president's PR tactics are somehow being done in preparation for his bid for re-election in 2012, I think he needs to make sure that he keeps us safe so he still has a country to run at that point. I appreciate your comments, and invite you to continue checking in.