Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost Famous

As Americans took pause to give thanks last week, it's President Obama who should have been especially grateful that two aspiring reality stars turned out to be harmless, when they crashed the gates at his state dinner honoring the Prime Minister of India.

Tareq and Michaele Salahi put on their black dinner jacket and red sari and were shown grinning and waving to the cameras as they waltzed past several layers of security. They met the president,and posed for pictures with Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel. They even boasted on Facebook that they had pulled the stunt off, making the U.S. Secret Service look like a bunch of buffoons.

Now, the president is calling for a full review, and the embarrassed director of the Secret Service is apologizing for the breach of security. What's especially funny is that many celebrities and politicos are speaking out saying they remembered the Salahi's and never once questioned if they should be there.

Perhaps now the president will realize that not everyone has a pure motive, and that bad people do exist. While the Salahi's were simply glory hogs, the breach could have been deadly had they have been terrorists. It's pretty scary to think that as we continue to try to upgrade our security across the country, one couple got through seven layers of security at the White House. If the president and his staff were in danger without a clue,what does that say about the safety of the rest of us? If anything, this stunt proves that political correctness has to be put aside when it comes to protecting the commander in chief, or any American citizen around the world.

While some are calling for the Salahis to be arrested, I think they should be hired by the government in spite of the ego-centricity involved in their stunt. They have proven that our security is lax, and they have proven that the president needs to change his attitude about those who want to hurt him or this country. Perhaps the couple could be used as spies and could infiltrate parties across the globe to garner secrets from enemy regimes. It's unlikely to happen though. Sadly, they probably couldn't get through the international security. I imagine that America is the only country in the world where fancy clothes are the only things needed to position yourself within striking distance of the politically correct king.

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