Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To Vote or Not To Vote - You Make the Call


10. You campaigned for Bill Clinton because he was a master saxophone player.

9. You campaigned for Bill Clinton in 2008. You knew he wasn't running then, but you just couldn't let go.

8. You only vote for good looking candidates which is why you've started the "Clooney in 2012" campaign.

7. You still can't name the president, vice president or even the mayor of your hometown, and frankly you don't care to know who they are.

6. You're a conspiracy theorist, and believe that if you cast a ballot the government will secretly monitor your vote, and will inject your children with mind controlling drugs if you don't vote "their" way.

5. You look to Hollywood for help in making all of your political decisions, and you get your news from "The View."

4. You think Sean Penn really did have a good purpose for touring Iraq, and you believe him when he says America is bad.

3. You think your vote doesn't matter so you stay home and complain about the state of the world to all who will listen. (and you believe you dodged a bullet in regards to those mind controlling drugs).

2. You don't think the economy is "that" bad, after all you can still live in your bomb shelter now that the bank has foreclosed on your home.

And the number one reason to "Not Vote" today:

You said to your spouse this morning: "What do you mean today's election day?"

For Everybody Else: See you at the polls!

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