Monday, October 5, 2009

Get Thy Sick Self Away!

CNN has an interesting quiz on their website. It allows you to test your knowledge of Swine Flu, and offers suggestions about the best way to prevent the illness. Topics like which group is most affected and most likely to die. (Pregnant women in case you want to cheat) and what group is not recommended as the first to get the shot, (You're on your own on this one) are asked. The best question on the quiz was the one that asked students to determine how long it should be before they return to class after having a swine flu related fever. While you'll need to take the quiz to find out, this would seem to be a common sense question, but sadly, it's not. Why do we think we need to work or study when we're ill? It's not just swine flu that people are spreading.

All too often, students and adults in the workforce come to work sick making everyone subject to whatever they're carrying. It's especially hard for those of us who have auto-immune diseases and are subject to picking everthing up. If you're coming to work with something as contagious as Swine Flu, shame on you! It's a pandemic for goodness sakes and people are dying! (hint, hint on the quiz)

While it's understandable that having concerns over missing a day's work can mean lost pay, and it definitely can get you behind, coming to work while ill is thoughtless in regards to your fellow employees. No one is so invaluable that they have to resort to putting everyone's health at risk because they don't want to stay home. You too, will likely get better, faster if you take a day off and rest.

So, for the sake of courtesy, get your flu shot, bone up on swine flu on CNN, and if you have the sniffles, take two aspirin, call your doctor, and stay the heck away from me until your temperature is back to normal! :) By the way, you can take the swine flu quiz at

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