Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sometimes, a Shirt is just a Shirt

The PC police have finally gone over the edge in their continued attack on Christianity.

This time, the absurdity comes from the anti-God crowd at Penn State University, where there's been an uproar over a t-shirt that was designed to be worn on "white out" day at the football stadium.

The tradition of "white out" day began when Penn State fans were asked to wear a white t-shirt as a show of support each time the football team had a home game against a ranked opponent. Penn State has the biggest college football stadium in the country with an average of 110-thousand fans showing up for each game. With everyone in white it becomes the ultimate intimidation for the opposing team.

"White Out" day has become so popular that students have started submitting t-shirt designs each year to be voted on by students and fans. The winning design is then manufactured and sold by the university.

It's this year's winner that has caused the problem at Penn State. The t-shirt was designed after the school helmet and is white with a blue stripe down the center. The words "Penn State" were added across the chest and then the holy war was on. It seems some were offended because they thought the design looked like a cross and a few of the "anti-gods" went beserk. Six student complaints as well as one from the Philadelphia Anti-Defamation League have now forced the school to stop selling the t-shirts, because a few crazies thought there was a subliminal religious message on them.

The whole mess doesn't make sense,but the fact that yet another attack on Christianity is making news is downright biblical. Yesterday, the debate about the very existence of God made headlines and today there's an uproar from a jaded few who apparently see Jesus everywhere and can't handle it. The Bible says that in the last days, attacks on the faith will become more numerous.We've seen that, but are we really prepared for this kind of lunacy? Christians have often been accused of seeing evil everywhere, but it now seems that those with nothing better to do, see crosses.

Get Real! It's a t-shirt! It has nothing to do with God, and it's mind boggling that some people are so afraid of Christianity that they'll make fools of themselves and see things that aren't there. If you don't believe, why are you afraid? Is it really logical to think that Christians have no other way to spread the message except for putting subliminal images on college football shirts? Perhaps the bigger question is that if we don't, why did we just choose one college? Why wouldn't we have covert t-shirt designers in all schools, so we can flood the world with the cross? I think some of these people have watched too many movies about conspiracies.

The Christian music and publishing industries make billions of dollars each year from the sale of religious books and tapes. There are radio and television networks devoted to nothing more than spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Bloggers (like The Christian Commentator) are posting all over the internet where millions can read their stories about defending the faith. Even conservative channels like Fox News, have begun to fight the good fight of religious freedom.

If you're one of the six who complained at Penn State, you really do need help. In fact, I'm sure hundreds of Christians will be willing to pray that you get it and that you'll soon rejoin those of us who live in the realm of reality. Believe me, we aren't out to get you, and sometimes a football shirt is just a football shirt. As believers, we really don't see the physical God in the trees or sky or even on football fans, even though we stand firm in our belief that He gave man the knowledge to create them. You see, God really doesn't need to impose Himself on the chests of beer drinking college kids and anyone can choose to reject the work His Son did on the cross. So if you're upset about this whole "white out" business you can relax. God won't be there on game day if you don't want him to be, but I sure hope no one gets caught praying, for the winning Penn State touchdown.

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