Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pink Ties and American Flags, Oh My!

We've all heard the expression that oil and water don't mix, and it's apparent today, that political correctness and common sense don't either. Two separate incidents in two separate states have made it clear that those who spend their lives trying to stop people from being "offensive" are the very ones who seem to "offend" the most. Fortunately, cooler heads have prevailed and public outcry has snapped a few people back into reality.

Case in point. Fox News reports, that an Oregon apartment complex recently banned residents from flying American flags on their balconies and cars. The problem began when Jim Clausen of Portland, flew the flag from the back of his motorcycle as a tribute to his son in the military. He was told by the building management that he would be evicted if he didn't take the flag down because of its political nature. Clausen said he was stunned by the request, as were many other complex residents.

Next, longtime resident Sharron White was told to take down the flag she had been flying on her car for eight years, or she would be evicted. The management again said the flag may be offensive to some , but White said that anyone who didn't like it would just have to live with it. Good for her! Fortunately, after the outrage from Fox viewers, apartment managers with similar policies in other states have banned the no flag policy.

Meanwhile, an Illinois bus driver thought he was being supportive of his relatives when he wore a pink tie on the job to help raise awareness about breast cancer. William Jones of Springfield, said his grandmother and sister had both battled the disease, so he wore the tie on October 2, as a symbol for the kick off of Breast Cancer awareness month.

What did he get in return? A pat on the back? Praises for being a supportive family member? Of course not. He was suspended from work for one day without pay, because his employer said he violated a company wardrobe policy! In response, Jones filed a grievance against the transit system, and is waiting to collect. Good for him! (It should be noted that the bus company has now changed its position and is allowing drivers to wear the pink tie for breast cancer awareness month.)

Even thought these incidents turned out ok, the old addage is still true: "SOME PEOPLE NEED TO GET A LIFE!"

If you're " anti -American" to the point that the display of our flag is offensive to you, then there's a simple solution to your problem----GET OUT! People have fought and died for the flag, and there is no amount of diverse thought that can erase that. Two thumbs up to everyone who protested against the policy. I wonder if the wearing of flag pins will be next? (but then again, our president did start that debate when he refused to wear the flag pin in the early days.)

At the same time, how can anyone be offended by showing support for breast cancer awareness? Are there "pro-cancer" people out there that we don't know about? Is there a collection effort and literature available to help people contract the illness? As bizarre as that sounds, why else would there be a problem with showing support for the fight? I find it hard to believe that anyone would be offended by a man in a pink tie. (except the strange few that may question his masculinity for doing so, which is another blog for another day. I personally think pink is chic. :) )

While, it's good news that these situations have been resolved there are sure to be many more of them in the future. Even though informed citizens are finally starting to realize that enough is enough, we need more people who are grounded in reality to continue the protest.

Perhaps if we continue to speak out about the ridiculous nature of these types of arguments, the ACLU would go out of business, the" politically correct" junkies would get a job, and peace, at least in America, would be one step closer to reality.


  1. Benjamen J. BennettOctober 19, 2009 at 6:22 AM

    Unfortunately, what many people do not know is that the Susan Komen foundation, a charity, mind you, donates money... yes, a charity, begging for money donating money... to Planned Parenthood. When a person donates money to end cancer (good), their money may actually be going to pay for abortions (bad). Because the Komen foundation has taken the pink logo, etc, I am a bit offended by the entire situation as I hate abortion.

    My source:

    Abortion causes breast cancer, the breast cancer people donate money for abortions... everyone loses except for the liberals.

  2. Hi Benjamin. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the information. I don't think many of us knew of the connection between the Susan Komen
    foundation, and abortion. Like you, I too, hate abortion, so I get your point.

    At the same time, I don't think the man was thinking about (although we all should) the foundation and where its dollars go as much as he was his own family and their trials with cancer. I don't think he should have lost pay because of the tie.

    But, I so appreciate your keeping my readers informed and thank you for the link. I hope you'll continue to join our discussion, and I'd love it if you decided to become a follower of this blog.


  3. Benjamen J. BennettOctober 19, 2009 at 8:07 AM

    Teri, I don't disagree, I don't believe he should have lost pay over his action. It all boils down to "common sense." We know that, of course. It's the people who lack the common sense that are the problem.

    E.g., if I go to Rome, I expect the Italian flag to be flying everywhere. If I go to the Republic of Ireland, I expect to see the Irish Flag everywhere. In America, you'd BETTER be flying the flag. During breast cancer awareness month, I expect people to tell stories about cancer, I expect to see pink everywhere, et cetera. You can also expect me to annoy the athiests and liberals (or are they the same?) by praying for these cancer victims and their friends and family.

    Common sense, of course.

  4. Benjamin, you are too funny! I agree with you on these points, and while I'm not as bold as you are to suggest atheists and liberals are one in the same,(but I must admit in some cases it's hard to tell the difference!) I appreciate your moxie! Thanks for reading!