Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Drugs - Bad Doctors

For those of you who know me, you know that my conservative nature tends to treat the idea of more government control like the plague. But to show my more liberal friends that I am always ready to be open minded, I have finally found an issue that I think needs some intervention. Namely, prescription drugs and unethical doctors.

Like many, I've been riveted to the continuing coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. Perhaps, because "Thriller" and "Bad" were huge albums about the time I was busy shaking my groove thing at Cincinnati dance clubs. Perhaps, because the Jackson's were truly the fulfillment of the American dream. Perhaps, because I'm still guilty of singing "I'll be there" when I bathe.

Whatever the reason I do know that I've always been a huge Jackson fan, and I still request "Smooth Criminal" when I play Upside Down trivia on Thursday nights.

The idea that Michael Jackson died from prescription medicines that were illegally given to him by unethical doctors saddens me, and it's not the first time it's happened. First we had Elvis, then Anna Nicole, and now Michael. I do think that as new health care laws are put into place there should be some kind of crack down on doctors who abuse celebrities addictions for their own monetary gain. I know it's hard when aliases, and back alley purchasing are involved, but this is not only a problem in the world of celebrity, but in everyday life. Statistics show that prescription drug abuse is the "new" cocaine problem in America, and it's frightening to think that the bizarre abuse of drugs like "Diprovan" could possibly become more prevalent for those looking for the "big buzz."

We've all seen fans of famous people, as well as the celebrities themselves do strange things in the name of hero worship. Chris Farley wanted to go like John Belushi. Anna Nicole compared herself to Marilyn Monroe and forecast her own death to be carried out in the same way. Even Michael asked former wife Lisa Marie Presley to detail her dad's death because he fanatasized about going like the "King."

With all of the talk about more control over what we eat, what we smoke, and where and when we can do it, I hope that the "experts" tackle prescription drug abuse, and crack down on the doctors who care more about lining their own pockets, than about a person's long term care.

Rest in peace Michael --I'm afraid your death will be declared totally "Bad." Hopefully, on this issue the government will "Be there" for you.


  1. Teri, I agree with you. Michael Jackson's untimely death could have been prevented. I don't know much about the Hypocratic Oath that doctor's must take, but I have to think that using medicine in a way that harms the patient while benefiting the caregiver goes against it. With all of his success, much of Michael's life with was a mess. Still, at one point I adored him. I don't believe a music video will ever top "Thriller". Michael's music moved people and my chest tightens when I hear "I'll Be There" and know we'll never hear that magical voice live again here on earth. That song is full of the childlike quality he never lost. I'd like to believe that with all his issues, that childlikeness translated into a faith that will allow us to hear it again in heaven. Like you I pray that he'll rest in peace and that his death will bring about some good in reforming prescription drug abuse.

  2. Yes it's sad that one man's greed is another man's tragedy. While I'm not suggesting that Michael Jackson isn't responsible for his own actions, it seemed he was a victim of so many.
    I grew up with Michael Jackson, and like you Tammi I hope one day we'll get to meet in heaven.