Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank You Naked Cowboy!

TGIF! I thought I'd take a break from news today, since it's almost the weekend. Instead, I want to take a moment to thank The Naked Cowboy for giving me the idea for my new blog name. (Yes, Christians can be a bit off the wall too!)

My original blog was named- commen"teri", but the cutsy spelling kept me off the Google list of links. So, I was thinking and thinking, and thinking some more and then as luck would have it--- The Naked Cowboy announced he was running for mayor of NYC so.......The Naked Cowboy----The Christian Commentator! It makes sense to me, (which probably means it's a good thing that it's Friday!

I'm working on the book this weekend so I'll update you on that Monday, and will get back to commentating on issues like how bizarre it is that we can let a terrorist group hold a convention in Chicago, but we can't allow a military flyover (on July 4) because an event is sponsored by Christians! I think this is why The Naked Cowboy works today. It's a mad, mad world, so it seems that in some bizarre way he probably should run for mayor of New York.

In any event, to leave you with something positive, check out
Great inspirational poetry if that's your thing. Click on "H" and you might even find some posts from me!

Have a great weekend!

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