Monday, August 3, 2009

The Weekend in Review

Well it's Monday and since the news is same old, same old, I thought I'd update you on a great read from my weekend. Saturday for me is the day to sit by the pool and write (since I'm a writer) and read (since my brain occasionally freezes, and I need a break) I've also been known to throw in a few laps around the pool just so I can justify the hot dog I always enjoy scarfing down.

The book I want to tell you about is one I mentioned last week. It's a Christian self help book that is called "A Better Day: A Better Life," How to Thrive One Day at a Time. Author Kelly L. Wilson offers a three part Better Day Better Life model that was born in her children's playroom as she was grieving the loss of her baby daughter and many unexpected trials that had occured in her life. She details how God inspired her to create this model that tells us that He wants each of us to live with good relationships, to be productive, and to enjoy the life that He has given us on this earth. Kelly gives plenty of practical applications on how we can improve in each of these areas which in turn will help us live a life that is richer and more fufilled. I can tell you that the book is funny, practical, spiritual, and a great read for any Christian or Non-Christian who feels overwhelmed by the tribulations that life can often bring. You can order the book at or from the online book sellers like Amazon. It is definitely a great read.

For those who live in S.W. Ohio, I've got a couple of restaurants for you to try out. My job as a food critic gives me access to all the best and hottest restaurants so from time to time I'll mention a few. I'd recommend Ryan's Tavern in Hamilton for those who want a great meal, and a taste of Ireland in a beautiful setting. The tavern is owned by the mayor of our city and his wife, who is also an author, and for those who pass through it is a must visit place. Ryan's Tavern is located on High Street. I'd highly recommend the soups, foccacia bread, and fish sandwich.

Also, I tried a place in Fairfield just this past week, that had I not have been a critic I would never have visited. (but I'm glad I did) It's called Charlie's Throttle Stop Bar & Grill, and while it is "biker friendly" it has some of the best food and the largest portion's I've ever eaten. If you get to the area of Dixie Highway & Mack Road, stop in and see Charlie. Be sure to order a Hog Wing as you can truly eat like a hog(it's a whole lot of pork) but be completely guilt free (it's cooked in transfat free oil) Even if motorcycles aren't your thing (they aren't mine) the food is well worth your trip.

Until Tomorrow.............

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