Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Ad-Lib--(It may come back to bite you)!

Writing a novel is difficult. You have to keep track of your grammar (thank goodness for my editor!) you need to make sure that you don't overuse particular words or phrases, and you have to watch your comparisons. While I understand the personal pain of this struggle, I have to admit, I had a good laugh yesterday when my president dove head first into the off-script, shark infested, bad comparison waters.

Perhaps President Obama should quit trying to make clever comparisons especially when touting the benefits of his new health care plan.

Speaking in New Hampshire, he attempted to defend a government run health care program by saying that FedEx and UPS were running great, but the post office was in trouble! Huh? (Please don't take my teleprompter away!) Sir, I think you're channeling the ghosts of Republicans past!

But a "Big Thank You" for making my point! I can honestly say that for the first time I totally agree with you! I too, think a government run health care plan would be about as effective as the government run Post Office. You're right sir. Health care would be much more effective in America if it were run by private companies like UPS and FedEx.

Here's one Republican who appreciates your gaffe Mr. President. While I'm certain your inner radical will once again rear its ugly head, for one day you made the world seem to be right side up again. I only hope this doesn't mean your mind is going. According to you, there may not be funding for treatment in the future.


  1. You are right on!;the American public knows this also and I think his bill will be defeated as it stands.

  2. I love the Town Hall meetings where people are finally coming together to speak out. Who knows maybe this whole thing was a blessing. It's great to see that people are getting involved again, and voicing their objections. Not so great though for the Presiden't poll numbers. Thanks for reading.