Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's Strength in Numbers - Stand Up!

Another "RED ALERT" for those of us who are calling for the right to free speech for Christians in this country.

A Florida couple appearing on Fox, said they were fired from their jobs and evicted from their apartment because of a picture they had displayed that had words from the book of Matthew on it. The picture of a lily had been on the wall of the apartment office (where they had been managers) for years. No one had ever complained.

Enter a new district manager who asked the elderly woman to remove the picture. When she went to get her husband and they returned to comply with the order, they were told by Hallmark Management that they were fired and that they were being evicted.

The reason? Insubordination! How sad that two elderly people who had simply placed an inspirational photo on a wall and had never been criticized for doing so, are now out of work and on the streets. They are suing and I pray that they'll be compensated.

As Christians we need to rally around these people (in fact this type of case is why I started this blog) and demand from all of our leaders that Freedom of Religious Speech be extended to all faiths, including Christianity. Even if the management company was right when they said the picture violated Federal Law (although that is being disputed in court) all they had to do was have it removed. No one had to be fired, and no one had to be kicked out on the street.

Is this what we are going to tolerate as we go forward? There is strength in numbers and 85% of us in America call ourselves Christian, yet we tolerate this type of discrimination against our own. If it can happen in Florida, it can happen where any of us live.

Perhaps, the bigger problem is that many of us call ourselves Christian but we don't want to take the time to get involved with defending our faith. Can we honestly claim to be a follower of Christ or Christianity, if we refuse to take a stand on something this outrageous? I don't think so.

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