Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weird Science

Ok bloggies, it's time once again to get on the phone with our Congressmen and Senators.

The president's new proposed health care bill has 50-million dollars earmarked for a revised sex education program for our schools. According to Dr. Miriam Grossman who is a respected child psychologist, and the author of a new book called "You're Teaching my Child What?" the program that would be implemented is based in social agenda versus medical science. It's focus would be to teach kids that any and all sexual behavior is ok, and would promote the idea of acceptance for behaviors that society has previously viewed as deviant.

One specific issue that Dr. Grossman mentions is the idea of teaching kids to reconsider their gender. In her work as a psychologist,she has maintained that gender is hardwired into all of us before birth, however the new program teaches kids to review their options for change. And that's not all.....

Another helpful tool (so they say) would be to introduce a new doll into the schools that would teach little girls how to breast feed a baby! The doll is already used in Spain, and the packaging shows a girl of about 8 holding a doll next to her breast simulating breast feeding. To me, there's nothing else to say except:

That's just weird!

Once again, the government is trying to take away the parent's choice about how to raise their kids, and quite frankly they want to teach things that I don't want my child to learn.

Strangely, I have a character in the book I'm writing who is promoting the concept that sex education should be taught in the church. She has a whole bunch of money, and wants to teach the little Sunday school kids all about the birds and the bees.

It's funny my government calls this progress, and in my book I call her the harlot.


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