Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go Students, Go Students!

It's back to school time and all eyes are on Pace High School in Milton, Florida.
(Northeast of Pensacola) The hoopla began in May when Brittany McComb, the Valedictorian was not allowed to give her validictory speech because of her intent to mention God. (This is the same school where principal Mathew Staver put two teachers on probation because they opened an adult meeting with prayer.)

In protest against the ACLU and the principal, (yes, the get "A-Clu" group!) 400 students stood at the graduation ceremony and recited the Lord's Prayer and painted crosses on their graduation caps to defend their rights to free speech and faith.
The ACLU is still mad over the outpouring, and Brittany McComb (appearing on Fox News this morning) is still wondering what the big deal was.

Ahhhhh..... "and the little children shall lead them!" Go Students, Go Students!
You get a thumbs up from the Christian Commentator for engaging in protest for God.
Shame on you Mr. Staver for allowing a special interest group who is obviously in the minority, to hijack the rights of your student body. Ms. McComb worked hard to be named Valedictorian, and you took away the joy and honor that should have accompanied her success. I suppose this will be the first of many incidents where she will be forced to endure discrimination for her "radical" viewpoint that supports a belief in God. I also believe that she (and the 400 hundred others who joined her in protest)will endure.

As your school year gets underway, you need to keep in mind that while we may be guilty of silence when we should speak out, there are millions of us who agree with the beliefs of your students. You need to get your act together sir, because we are watching, and more importantly so is God.

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