Tuesday, August 4, 2009

God & Country, Crazy Councilmen, and Happy Geese

I have a "must read" alert for Christians who have kept the faith, and for those who
erroneously argue that this country was not founded on Christian principles. I saw a great interview the other night on the Mike Huckabee show with David Barton, the creator of the website, www.wallbuilders.com.

Barton basically pointed out the fact that of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, something like 90% of them were not only Christian they were considered theologians of their time.

Even Ben Franklin ( who was not one of the more religious men,) called a recess when the Constitution was being written so all of the men who were working on it could pray for three days for Godly guidance. (and yes they were praying to the Christian God.)

Other Interesting Facts:

1. The first English language Christian Bible was printed in the 1790's by none other than the American Congress who wanted it printed so it could be used as a textbook in the American schools.

2. Thomas Jefferson (again, not one of the more religious men)signed a presidential document "In the year of Christ". Can you imagine the uproar if that happened today?
(One thinks of George Bush's comments about his worship of Jesus, which is where I believe his media troubles began)

3. Some of the men who signed The Declaration of Independence were people who founded the concept of Sunday School, were University Presidents who wanted their schools to be the place where young theologians were trained and many of them were ordained Christian ministers.

The list goes on and on and definitively proves that America is here today because of the Christian faith of the many men who risked their lives to defend their right to worship. Shame on those who want to take God out of America. Without God,and these dedicated Christians there would be no America! Check out the website, I'm sure you'll be fascinated, and it will give you great ammunition the next time you debate your ACLU friends.

Today's "Get A Clue Award" (and I don't mean the ACLU this time) goes to the city councilman in Clearwater, FL. who decided to remove all of the American flags as part of a city budget cut. Obvious uproar occured, and now the city has had to put up twice as many flags to appease those who were upset. Hey buddy ---Have you ever heard the term "God & Country?" I don't think you can remove America from America! I bet it's great to be a veteran in Clearwater....(she said sarcastically)

Finally, I love the man in Fairfax Co. Virginia who hopped out of his car on the four lane highway between his home and Washington D.C. You see, a flock of geese was crossing the highway, and he physically stopped traffic so they could pass without injury. Oh sure, some may say he risked causing an interstate pile up, but even the judge who ticketed him saw that his heart was in the right place. God Bless you sir.
You were kind to our fine feathered friends. You can walk my dog anytime......


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