Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here a Czar, There a Czar, Everywhere a Czar, Czar

What's with all the Czars in America these days? Currently, there are over 30 people in these positions that have been created by the Obama administration, and their titles include everything from "Auto Recovery Czar," "Aids Czar," Afghanistan Czar," and more recently the "Green Czar" and "Diversity Czar."

It's on these last two that I'll focus today by asking why aren't we concerned with who these people are? and why do they have so much power?

Here's what I've found out:

Green Czar --- Van Jones. He is a self proclaimed Communist, promoting the cause after spending time in jail after the Rodney King riots, in Los Angeles in 1993.

Quoting Jones from a 2005 interview in the East Bay Express: "In jail, I met all of these young radical people of color--I mean really radical. Communists, Anarchists. And it was like, this is what I really need to be a part of." By 1994 Jones and fellow radicals had formed a group called STORM, (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement)declared himself a Communist and held study groups on the writings of Marx and Lennon.

This man has now been given the job of focusing on environmentally-friendly employment within the administration and will boost support for the concept across the country. While that sounds innocent enough,(although isn't that what the EPA is all about?) no one has veto power over Jones,and it's rumoured that he hasn't even gone through an FBI background check. Hmmmm,position of power, unknown monies available to him, and a self proclaimed Communist?

Why aren't we asking "WHY?"

Next, you have the "Diversity Czar" Again, unlimited power, reportedly no background check, and a man by the name of Mark Lloyd gets the appointment. Watch out Free Speech! Lloyd has served as a Senior Fellow at the left wing Center for American Progress and helped author a paper entitled "The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio!" And you thought the hoopla about the Fairness Doctrine was over!

In layman's terms, this man's goal/job is basically to force "Liberal Talk" radio onto the airwaves even though it has failed in the past. The idea is to squelch "Conservative Talk" which has so vocally disagreed with policies like the Health Care Reform Act, Auto Industry reform and more. What do you want to bet that if this goal is acheived, religious free speech, and the internet will be next? No more talk of God (hey we've already seen that) the bloggers will be clamped down on, and the America we used to know will be gone. Freedom is already a dirty word for many who are trying to strongarm us into accepting their radical policies.

While I will be the first to agree that we have many problems in our society that need addressing, I can't believe that taking away open diaglogue, freedom of opinion and expression and our basic civil rights is the change that we were looking for.

When we hear the words "a dismantling of the basic American structure that has been in place for centuries," we should look to the mass apointment of Czars with unlimited power as the start of that, and be afraid. Very Afraid.


  1. I agree, This is all very scary and we should all be outraged and voicing our concerns and standing up for our rights. God help this country!!!!!!!

  2. I think we need to take a much closer look at who is being given power that is apparently under no one's authority. When you have Communists and Anarchists embedded in our system, the future of America is put in the hands of those that our forefathers fought so hard against. We do need to wake up.
    Thanks for reading! Tell you friends.