Monday, August 17, 2009

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

There's a new hero in Harlem, one that I think makes a great role model for those of us who defend our right to bear arms.

A 72-year old restaurant supply house owner was in his shop last week when four thugs came in to rob him. He told them he didn't have any money at the time and asked them to leave, even telling them he would not call the police if they did.

Instead, one put a gun in his face, demanding the cash he didn't have, while the others pistol whipped his employee at the end of the counter. When the employee tried to fight back, the thug who held the gun on the owner went over to help bludgeon the employee to death and that's when Gus Gusterson grabbed his shot gun that was behind the counter.

After once more telling the hoodlums to leave and they wouldn't, Gus decided in a split second to defend himself and his friend. He fired three shots off the wall, so he wouldn't hit his employee, instead killing one of the robbers, and scaring the other three off. One of the three who escaped later died.

I can see why Gus is a hero in Harlem. He won't be charged according to the local police chief because he was within his rights and the law, to defend himself. This is exactly why in my opinion, it is so important for the citizens of this country to have the right to have guns.

While the anti-gun lobby makes a compelling case about guns killing innocents, and uses the tragic cases of children who die in gun accidents as an example of why we shouldn't be allowed to keep them, I maintain that a lot of "innocent" lives (like Gus) have been saved because he was willing to defend himself, and because he had a gun nearby.

The Bible teaches us the concept of "an eye for an eye" and though he obviously didn't want to, Gus Gusterson gave what he would have gotten, had his gun not been on hand. While I "love my neighbor" as much as anyone,and I believe all people who are irresponsible with guns should be prosecuted, I'll defend my family to the death if they are threatened, and think most Americans would do the same. I champion the rights of all the Gusses out there who were simply going about their day when they were forced to defend themselves or die. I too, see Gus as a hero.

Maybe the next time some Harlem hoodlums want to pistol whip and rob someone, they'll just keep walking when they get to Gus's place. I hope his actions send the following message to those across the country who want to rob and kill: "Think twice hoodlum, or the next one to die just might be you." What do you think?



  1. Terry, I agree with you totally. I had a right to carry in Michigan that has expired. I now live in Ohio and will try and get the right to carry for here in Ohio. Keep up the excellent job of reporting our rights as merican citizens.

  2. Thanks for reading! I think most people feel like we do, but the anti-gun lobby pushes so hard to disarm the public that we only hear that side on the news. It is tragic when people mishandle their weapons and children who shouldn't be playing with them get hurt. It's also sad when a 72-year old man has to kill two people who weren't supposed to be in his store in the first place. I'd love to hear from those who agree with us, and especially from those who don't. I think in this day and age it's a discussion worth having. Good luck getting your license here in Ohio!

  3. There is a video going around the internet in defense of the right to bear arms. I wonder why anti-gun people didn't protest Bonaza, John Wayne, and other "great Americans" for having guns. No, I don't "want" guns in everyone's hands but I sure as heck don't want them in the "bad" guys hands so if I can't change that then my next option is self-defense with everyone having the equal "right" (like the bad guys care about rights) to bear arms. Thank you for this article.

  4. Good point. Look at the violence in movies and on video games today. The "free speech" advocates say it's ok to allow our kids to simulate grotesque murders on X-Box, and graphic tortues and killings make for great cinematography, yet a responsible, private citizen who owns a gun is somehow a threat to society. Makes no sense. You're right, it seems as if the "bad guys" are the only ones who are supposed to have the weapons. Thanks for reading!